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hum along if you’re happy here

hum1 hum2so i’m from the cold and dark north (well, the summers are never dark and actually can be nice and warm too). but we don’t have hummingbirds. so i haven’t seen any before, in real life. but now i have, and managed to capture one too. hum along if you’re happy too…


uptownat least as i have understood, usually you have downtown, maybe midtown and then uptown. charlotte, nc, where i spend most of this week only has uptown. strange, but looks pretty ok. tried google, couldn’t find out why. that’s also strange…

now i need some good old prince to funk my day.

north carolina ufo

ufoapart from the travel last week to and from north carolina being awful with weather caused delays, in chicago on the way in and almost everywhere on the way out, i got a bit of spring as temperatures in charlotte were in the 70’s (around 20 C). attempted a walk along mallard creek greenway one day after office to enjoy the temperature, but after 5 minutes it started to rain quite heavily :(. just enough time to meet this little fellow, nice singing – but unknown to me. someone native in the area, i know a few of you are nc’s, can tell me maybe?