Monthly Archives: August 2012


kent played their final show for 2012 the other week, dedicating the devoted first row fans a bit of a special treat during the encore, pleasing all of us. even if their importance in my life has passed zenith, they did a great gig. and even if not fully evident, this blog is not a dedicated music blog. it has just happened i’ve ended up at a bunch of concerts. times are a changing…

rays of light

not too much of the sun this summer, i’ve complained earlier. taking statistics at university we learned that there are lies, really bad lies, and there is statistics – this time though the numbers add up with my impression. 6 days with temperature over 25c (80f for you outside the international standard system) compared to 28 last year during june and july. sigh.


made in the dark

hot chip danced us into the thursday night of the way out west festival, in a cascade of stage lights. never really been able to dig the way i ought to listening to their studio material, here all pieces suddenly fit. which is a bit odd given their music, but i like surprises!