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weekly photo challenge: beyond II (beyond the sun)

beyond the sunand now she’s gone, but who are here instead? and are they at all connected, or is it coincidence playing tricks? ghosts of my mind? it’s beyond my comprehension.

There must be a pill
That can make you turn back
Far from this world
Close to a violet spark
Where are we going to
What are we going to
Help me to understand
Why others seem to plan
Their memories

Beyond the sun
We’ll find a new eclipse
Treasured as one
Oceans of crystal ships
What are we going through
What are we going to do
Help me to understand
While others seem to plan
Beyond the sun

(Lyrics by Billy MacKenzie)

weekly photo challenge: beyond I (at the edge of the world)

at the edge of the worldwhy is she standing there, looking out over the dark water? maybe searching beyond the pillars, searching the other side of the river? and the flowers, are they to be thrown into the water?

At the edge of the world
Where the cold wind blows
In a sea of dreams
That seem to know
If I think out loud
No one seems to care
If I touch the sky
Or caress the air
There’s a place where you
Know you’ve been before
In another time
Through another door
At the edge of the world

(lyrics by Billy MacKenzie)

theme: one

onethe weekly “fotosöndag” challenge has started again after the holidays break, this year’s first theme is one. we’re in the (too short) tulip season here, and as they are my favourite flowers me and mrs drag the most of each bunch of flowers we bring home. until there’s only one petal left.