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the return of the thin white duke

jack frosted treeso we all thought jack frost had retreated for this season, had abandoned ship, gone hiding. but just as you can never know if he’s at the north or south pole, you can never trust him really gone hiding either. so he sent his icy messenger, the return of the thin white duke, to underline who is in command still. he knows his mastery to perfection, and so does the thin white duke.


blue tittwo blue tits working their way through the peanuts while a great tit waits for his turn. winter can be hard for the smaller birds so we keep our feeders filled, and get to see quite a few birds in our garden. admittedly though, this winter has so far not been much of a winter, and sometimes i wonder if they are just lazy coming here… but they’re cute, and it’s kind a nice having a bunch of tits close. and goldfinch, and bullfinch.