Monthly Archives: March 2013

theme: contre-jour (backlighting)

contre-jourthis sunday’s theme in “fotosöndag” is contre-jour. i first did a shot with an old fashioned lamp post with the sun shining through the glass just where the bulb is, which was kind of cool, but then i wanted to do something to persuade spring to come here for real, so i did this “welcome sun” incantation. i hope it works!

this world of water

this world of waterthese waters have frozen
can’t break the ice no more
it’s raining so hard now
can’t seem to find a shore
world of water

(new musik)

at the edge of the world

at the edge of the worldthere is a guardian watching the border for trespassers. on the other side of the border control is another world, a different world. and what’s coming at the edge of the deep green sea, who knows? could there actually be an end, where we could tip over to nothingness? the world is flat…