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more ounce to the bounce

getting ready for a saturday night. pump up the beats with looptroop rockers!


kent played their final show for 2012 the other week, dedicating the devoted first row fans a bit of a special treat during the encore, pleasing all of us. even if their importance in my life has passed zenith, they did a great gig. and even if not fully evident, this blog is not a dedicated music blog. it has just happened i’ve ended up at a bunch of concerts. times are a changing…

made in the dark

hot chip danced us into the thursday night of the way out west festival, in a cascade of stage lights. never really been able to dig the way i ought to listening to their studio material, here all pieces suddenly fit. which is a bit odd given their music, but i like surprises!

briny diamonds

their father played in one of my all time favorite bands back in the early 80’s – now i’m blown away by the enormous talent of the two sisters; johanna and klara in first aid kit. i’m not sure if it’s a good sign, that i haven’t stagnated, that i develop and change with time – or if it’s a sad fact that i now listen to the daughters of my teenage favorites. my choice is to see it the first way.

if you’ve missed them make sure to catch up, they are truly brilliant! there are quite a few great clips @ you tube. look them up, buy their records, come to their concerts! awesome.

the man machine

kraftwerk august 11 2012, in 3D (which explains the slightly weird impression of the background) was a really cool experience. ralf hütter and team were back to the an updated version of the originals, without becoming too much of the techno scene they once heavily inspired. fantastic!

and a few days in advance – happy birthday ralf! turning 66 on monday, still inspiring new kids to get into (electronic) music. tanti auguri – in ogni senso!

dj culture

behind every good rapper is a good dj…. two turntables and a mac is all they need to get the beat going. way out west showcased if not the good, the bad and the ugly so at least the good, the old school and the cool, with the common (!) denominator that under their ponchos the gun is a microphone. common is my fave rapper all categories, and very photogenic too, de la soul provided the old school nostalgia and jean grae provided the corresponding new cool. a lady with attitude!

more to come.