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weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

summer lovin'there are so many ways to describe summer love, the things make me go: i’m lovin’ it. one of the things closest connected to summer lovin’ are those moments with friends/family/lovers, sitting sipping on something nice (your choice) looking out on a beautiful view and talking, big things, small things.

but the big company who’s slogan i just stole is for sure not on that top of the pops list…

(i’ve posted a color version of this shot earlier, you’ll find it by clicking here. which do you prefer?)


shine on you crazy diamondvacation has started, time to celebrate! we’ll be off to san fransisco later today and then i’ll be on a road trip for another 2 weeks, starting in LA. so i guess i’ll be a bit irregular here the coming weeks but i’m totally convinced afterwards i’ll have tons of pictures…

weekly photo challenge: split-second story (looking for a cleaner future)

amperafor some years i was an integral part of gm’s european branch of hybrid vehicle development, officially┬árepresenting hybrids for saab at the auto fairs in paris, london and detroit. seeing the plug-in hybrid opel ampera, which is the european version of the chevy volt, on the streets of stockholm makes me proud even this day. i was a (very) small part of an important piece of the environmental puzzle, to switch road transportation from fossil fuels to sustainable sources of energy. i was part of a split-second story, not bad! today my part is the one of the enlightened consumer, acting responsible in my small daily doings. or at least trying to…

and on the photo, i like the reflection of the people looking for something; looking for a cleaner future maybe. ­čśë

weekly photo challenge: letters (hot summer nights)

lettersa couple of years ago i came across the venetian specialty spritz aperol, which now rapidly is spreading over europe as the summer drink of choice. quite understandably, it’s a great (but dangerous!) for those hot summer nights at the piazza, watching people walk on by. (and don’t let the letters fool you, the content is a spritz aperol and nothing else – the true orange passion)