Monthly Archives: January 2014

weekly photo challenge: window (to a different world)

e-typeas a youngster i used to watch brideshead revisited, and admire the fancy clothes, the luxury lifestyle. this photo reminds of the feeling and the atmosphere of the series, a window to a different world. i no longer aspire to be part of this world, i’ve learned that there are other things in life making me rich even if i can’t buy an e-type jag for them. and i rather keep them anyway.

mountains (in the distance)

another few shots from my very intense iceland trip last year. i’m sure you by now 1) realize i haven’t really done a lot of photography since and 2) are pretty tired of another couple of shots from iceland. but since 1) overrules 2) here we go again! bare with me – only 5 months to my US road trip…

oh, and the blue lagoon was just as cool, read warm, as everyone says.