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weekly photo challenge: home

homehome; where i feel free, being accepted for the one i am, where i’m allowed my space to fly my flight. home; the place i always want to come back to, the same place as my love comes back to. the opposite of caged, hampered or cut short.

home; a feeling, a being, a sharing – more than a place.

to elin:

and i thank you for bringing me here
for showing me home
for singing these tears
finally i’ve found that i belong here

weekly photo challenge: surprise

surprisei was very surprised to see the sicilian rendition of santa claus, quite unlike our traditional old fatty. on the other hand, this is italy! 😉 Merry Christmas to all of you!

(one of many different photo shots we met at piazza duomo in catania, you can see the lens of the photographer in the lower left corner.)

theme: colourful

selz_mandarinothe last theme this year in “fotosöndag” is colorful – which is kind of ironic considering the total white sweden has turned into the last two weeks. combined with mostly grey or snowy skies i turned inwards and tried to take me back to sicily with a home made selz. we brought mandarin syrup with us, but our favourite chiosco in catania did this soooo much better.