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weekly photo challenge: delicate

delicatestrawberries are sensitive and needs to be handled with care to stay fresh, thus being delicate. and the very similar swedish word “delikat” means delicious – which is very true for strawbs!

(not the least if you get to eat fresh ones from marsala and noto mid november…)

theme: colourful

selz_mandarinothe last theme this year in “fotosöndag” is colorful – which is kind of ironic considering the total white sweden has turned into the last two weeks. combined with mostly grey or snowy skies i turned inwards and tried to take me back to sicily with a home made selz. we brought mandarin syrup with us, but our favourite chiosco in catania did this soooo much better.

grapes of wrath

grapes can be so sweet, but the grapes of wrath are bitter. the price roberto saviano is paying is high, his courage admirable. i hope the “reward” promised never reaches him!

theme: “lager”

this kind of small storages are to be found everywhere here in catania, i’ve been looking at them for a while through the lens without finally releasing the shutter. when the theme for “fotosöndag” this week was made official as being “lager”, which can be translated into both storage and layer (but not beer), my contribution was quite obvious…