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weekly photo challenge: surprise

surprisei was very surprised to see the sicilian rendition of santa claus, quite unlike our traditional old fatty. on the other hand, this is italy! ūüėČ Merry Christmas to all of you!

(one of many different photo shots we met at piazza duomo in catania, you can see the lens of the photographer in the lower left corner.)

weekly photo challenge: reflection (of nyc @ christmas)

these pictures are a couple of years old by now, but i thought still fitting reflections as we are approaching christmas. potentially a bit in advance, but anyway Рhappy holidays!

theme: in my fantasy

the theme for this weeks “fotos√∂ndag” challenge is: in my fantasy – and in my fantasy the climate where i live would be such that it’s natural for the fancy department store downtown to use a golden cactus as christmas tree… (but i don’t encourage global warming to get there!)