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uptownat least as i have understood, usually you have downtown, maybe midtown and then uptown. charlotte, nc, where i spend most of this week only has uptown. strange, but looks pretty ok. tried google, couldn’t find out why. that’s also strange…

now i need some good old prince to funk my day.

mountains (in the distance)

another few shots from my very intense iceland trip last year. i’m sure you by now 1) realize i haven’t really done a lot of photography since and 2) are pretty tired of another couple of shots from iceland. but since 1) overrules 2) here we go again! bare with me – only 5 months to my US road trip…

oh, and the blue lagoon was just as cool, read warm, as everyone says.

while my guitar gently weeps

while my guitar gently weepsit can be a lonely job, playing the streets and parks of a big city. but someone has to do it.

and if you want an absolutely stunning version of the song providing the title for this post, click here. and don’t miss the guitar solo. cracking.