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a new species found!


this is sensational, i have discovered an until now unknown species, a relative to the praying mantis (mantis religiosa) which i have named conducting mantis (mantis conductae). call national geographic…

weekly photo challenge: selfie (hidden)

self portraitnot very obvious or revealing, i know, but it is me, and it is shot exactly of this reason, to make a portrait of sorts. so i reckon it fits this weeks theme well. and the twist is the blue berry, because in swedish we use the term “a blueberry” for a rookie, for someone new to something. and i’m a true rookie in the selfie-field. 🙂

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theme: enjoyment of life (the scent of a woman)

scent of a womanthe weekly photo challenge “fotosöndag” is up again at flickr, and the first theme is enjoyment of life. and what can be more enjoyment than the scent of your partner, the chemistry we call love. a summer wedding, the they lived forever happily moment. indulgence at it’s best.