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the butterfly effect


is what we call the uncontrollable instinct any photographer gets when a butterfly passes by, to grab a camera and with bent back run after the ever moving colorful little creature. this one at least had the curtesy to be still for a second! now i need a rest and some water…

i believe this a swallowtail of some sort, potentially a pipevine swallowtail, if anyone knows and can enlighten me – please do!

theme: animals (the creation of shelob the great)

shelob the greatProfessor Tolkien was late this morning, he had spent another late night troubled over his book. He was stuck on how he would get Frodo and Sam into Mordor. “How”, he sighed. The other week he got the idea of a tunnel, long forgotten, that led into the darklands of Mordor, but he realised it could not just be forgotten, Sauron would know about it and there needed to be something that made Sauron feel confident to leave as it was. He just couldn’t understand what it should be with the tunnel, something that with a bit of elvish power and luck Frodo and Sam would be able to pass. He skipped breakfast, he had to rush for his office at the university. On his way through the garden he stopped to pick an apple so at least he had something. Doing so he saw a strange little spider on a leaf, he had never seen something like this one. “Good morning little monster”, he greeted the spider, slowing his words as he said “monster”, as a parallel thought had started. He again looked at the spider and said to himself; “I’ll make you big, I’ll make you huge – you’ll be shelob the great”. An ancient creature of malice dwelling in the Torech Ungol who would eat anything who came into the tunnel. Sauron would of course know of her, he had sung her when he was still Melchior. Professor Tolkien took a bite of the apple, started to hum and went to office. A good day indeed it was, and then he noticed. It wasn’t even raining.

theme: “life / death”

this sunday’s theme in “fotosöndag” is life / death – a serious matter for us humans. but what does a cat with nine lives care about such a simple human thing as mortal danger? nothing of course, and continues to enjoy the sun. chill out.