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weekly photo challenge: ROY G.BIV (I’m a rainbow)

i'm a rainbowvery infrequently posting at the moment, it’s high season for photography – families, portraits and weddings – but not so much of what is for pleasure only. last week’s travel to the US at least gave the chance to process a couple of shots from last year’s (!) Stockholm Music & Arts festival. One of the female vocalists in GHOST goes by the name Roy G. Biv, so here we go…

oh, by the way, i’m a little less infrequent over at instagram. @inognisenso, if you want to check me out. welcome!

robert forster @ iceland airwaves

shadow mana hero from my past, one of the founding members of the go-betweens, an australian 80’s act on the alternative (indie) rock scene. always of critical acclaim, never topping the charts. life is unfair…

it was a great pleasure to see your name among all up comers, my rock’n’roll friend.

robert forster


iceland airwaves – 2nd night

from iceland over denmark to the uk. crossing waters to hear some great music this night. umtbs, borko, mö and alunageorge captured during great performances. saw also (partly) sumie nagano, mariam the believer and omar souleyman, but no shots. can’t believe i actually was at gigs without shooting…

iceland airwaves – 1st night

it wasn’t just stunning scenery and wild nature dragging me to iceland, it was also the iceland airwaves 2013 festival. the place where you will find the acts breaking into mainstream next year. i saw in total 18 bands, some more, some less – but a great deal of fantastic music. next year you’ll see danish singer mö, us artists like papa, empress of and zola jesus, british artists like money and alunageorge on the line up for more renowned festivals than this. is my bet…

first night was mainly icelandic, here some shots from mammut and retro stefson. i liked them both, not sure about there wider potential globally. if so, retro stefson are ones you’ll see in europe next year. the shots of the singer have a certain classic marvin gaye feel i like myself.

stockholm music & arts: saturday highlights

maia hirasawa has spent a couple of years in japan so i haven’t seen her live since 2008, now slightly more rock added to her pop. a nice addition!

the danish group efterklang (reverberation) was another new acquaintance for me, and another nice new one. visually i got the feel of early roxy music, musically well maybe there too. worth checking out anyway.

stockholm music & arts: friday highlights

cocorosie were a new experience, a very pleasant one. the two sisters, coco and rosie, will be heard more around the house after this.

second highlight was first aid kit, also two sisters (johanna and klara) making magic together. i have posted about them earlier, and i’ll happily do again. they rock, in some sense of the word.