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the butterfly effect


is what we call the uncontrollable instinct any photographer gets when a butterfly passes by, to grab a camera and with bent back run after the ever moving colorful little creature. this one at least had the curtesy to be still for a second! now i need a rest and some water…

i believe this a swallowtail of some sort, potentially a pipevine swallowtail, if anyone knows and can enlighten me – please do!


butterflythe last (?) butterfly this season passes by and rests for a while on a dried out flower. a single reminder of a fantastic summer. and i ask;

And do you like being single?
Do you want me back?
Do you want me back?
And do I like being single?
Am I coming back?
Am I coming back?

of course i am. if you want me.

butterfly caught

like caught butterflies circling inside their fence. pretty beautiful prison though.