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weekly photo challenge: home

homehome; where i feel free, being accepted for the one i am, where i’m allowed my space to fly my flight. home; the place i always want to come back to, the same place as my love comes back to. the opposite of caged, hampered or cut short.

home; a feeling, a being, a sharing – more than a place.

to elin:

and i thank you for bringing me here
for showing me home
for singing these tears
finally i’ve found that i belong here

preparando la pescatora

il vecchio ed il maresilently, very determined, slowly but steadily he worked his way through the heap of shrimps. most probably for a risotto or spaghetti alla pescatora at one of the local restuarants. captured in aci trezza, sicily. and both the risotto and the spaghetti alla pescatora are to die for here.