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market square hero

so it’s over. sad isn’t it. going back to the never started summer of home. a final visit to the market square, when i by chance saw the overheated seller refreshing and amusing himself. one shot, i was lucky i had just shot a close up on f/2.8 so the shutter speed became short enough to get the water stream decently sharp.

even selling prime stuff i guess you at times need to invent something to amuse yourself with!

and even if this trip is over, end of next week i’m off to the way out west festival and i hope to be able to post something rocking then. remember – the earth has music for those who listen.

something about palm trees

i have a thing about palm trees. i guess coming from the cold and dark north they represent everything associated with nice sunny days, a warm breeze, carefree holidays with umbrella dressed cocktails. and they often line up very nicely. 🙂