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lisbon, and beyond

spending a wonderful week in lisbon and it’s surroundings. even spending some time with the camera as a change. might post some more here the coming period of time – as you now i’m pretty sporadic around here nowadays.

big thanks to catìa for great recommendations!

weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes I

lost outside the tunneli like the idea of a line leading the eye towards something, and sometimes not disclosing the something, potentially having the environment give you a hint still leaving all doors open for your own interpretation. doors leading to other doors. lost outside the tunnel.

theme: perspective

perspectivewe’re moving and currently live in a slight chaos, so in fact the hardest part of this weeks fotosöndag challenge was to find the cable to transfer my picture to the mac… the theme is perspective; and my interpretation is a question: do you prefer to to look at flowers at a distance, or be closer? i guess it’s a matter of perspective.

weekly photo challenge: beyond II (beyond the sun)

beyond the sunand now she’s gone, but who are here instead? and are they at all connected, or is it coincidence playing tricks? ghosts of my mind? it’s beyond my comprehension.

There must be a pill
That can make you turn back
Far from this world
Close to a violet spark
Where are we going to
What are we going to
Help me to understand
Why others seem to plan
Their memories

Beyond the sun
We’ll find a new eclipse
Treasured as one
Oceans of crystal ships
What are we going through
What are we going to do
Help me to understand
While others seem to plan
Beyond the sun

(Lyrics by Billy MacKenzie)