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portrait workshop

last weeknd i attended a portrait workshop with one of sweden’s most recognized portrait photographer’s, knut koivisto. from friday afternoon to sunday afternoon there was little less than eyes, light and shadow, and how to get a model to relax in front of a camera in my mind. we got homework too, a self portrait and a portrait, plus we did some practicing during daytime.

the last shot is my quick illustration of 2 lines from that t.s. eliot poem (again);

We think of the key, each in his prison
Thinking of the key, each confirms a prison

weekly photo challenge: selfie (hidden)

self portraitnot very obvious or revealing, i know, but it is me, and it is shot exactly of this reason, to make a portrait of sorts. so i reckon it fits this weeks theme well. and the twist is the blue berry, because in swedish we use the term “a blueberry” for a rookie, for someone new to something. and i’m a true rookie in the selfie-field. 🙂

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