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weekly photo challenge: threes (leaving new york)

due to weather conditions instead of flying back to stockholm last friday i spent a night close to chicago o’hare airport and then most of the saturday at newark, waiting to get back home. so i spent a couple of hours looking at new york in the distance;

new jerseyadmittedly though, i think it’s new jersey visible in the background here…. as the day went by planes came in, planes left for their destinations. i kept on waiting.

relationshipfinally i was able to leave new york behind me with the city lights reflecting in the wing of the 757 taking me home. i would love to go back to new york, make no hasty conclusions here – but would then rather spend the time in the city than waiting on one of it’s airports…

a detailit’s the bronx down below.

north carolina ufo

ufoapart from the travel last week to and from north carolina being awful with weather caused delays, in chicago on the way in and almost everywhere on the way out, i got a bit of spring as temperatures in charlotte were in the 70’s (around 20 C). attempted a walk along mallard creek greenway one day after office to enjoy the temperature, but after 5 minutes it started to rain quite heavily :(. just enough time to meet this little fellow, nice singing – but unknown to me. someone native in the area, i know a few of you are nc’s, can tell me maybe?

weekly photo challenge: treasure

sailors sunsetthe sun setting over our sail boat, harbored in a nature shelter along other fellow sailors. a glass of wine, the stillness, the gentle sound of water caressing the hull. the boat slowly rocking you to a carefree sleep. that’s a true treasure.


blue tittwo blue tits working their way through the peanuts while a great tit waits for his turn. winter can be hard for the smaller birds so we keep our feeders filled, and get to see quite a few birds in our garden. admittedly though, this winter has so far not been much of a winter, and sometimes i wonder if they are just lazy coming here… but they’re cute, and it’s kind a nice having a bunch of tits close. and goldfinch, and bullfinch.

weekly photo challenge: selfie (hidden)

self portraitnot very obvious or revealing, i know, but it is me, and it is shot exactly of this reason, to make a portrait of sorts. so i reckon it fits this weeks theme well. and the twist is the blue berry, because in swedish we use the term “a blueberry” for a rookie, for someone new to something. and i’m a true rookie in the selfie-field. 🙂

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