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colours will come

colors will comehard to believe, but spring will come. i know for sure (that’s me trying to convince myself) that the cold morning frost will give away, the colours will come. the freeze outside is just a bad april’s fool game.

from the desert bloom to the setting sun
from the first deep breath of “I love you, baby”
colours will come

weekly photo challenge: reflections (of rome)

almost a year ago by now, a couple of days in rome. i had this idea of doing a post with a few photos of (ancient) rome mirrored in cars, shop windows and other modern things. this weeks photo challenge made me go from thought to realization. sometimes i need that kick in the b. 

weekly photo challenge: inside caffè greco

café grecotime stands still. the winds of history gently sweeps around your hand as you lift that espresso from the bar counter to drink. isn’t it keats sitting there in corner? yes! and byron as well. i think i need another coffee to wake me up.

weekly photo challenge: inside

fashionit’s the inside that counts, right? who needs fashion when you have style…

those of you who look will find which well known italian brand this model is posing for. caught this on via condotti in rome when i passed a fashion photo session, i assume for advertisements.