Monthly Archives: December 2012

thnks fr th mmrs

thnks fr th mmrstime to cut the rope and let 2012 sail over the edge. thanks for all memories, it was a good year in many aspects (at least on a personal note). hopefully 2013 will be even better 🙂

to all of you – happy new year!

through the looking glass

through the looking glassshot from the inside of the arabic cultural institute building in paris, where the facade is designed like camera shutters. makes you realize how fragmented our view of the world is…

weekly photo challenge: surprise

surprisei was very surprised to see the sicilian rendition of santa claus, quite unlike our traditional old fatty. on the other hand, this is italy! 😉 Merry Christmas to all of you!

(one of many different photo shots we met at piazza duomo in catania, you can see the lens of the photographer in the lower left corner.)

fade to grey

or maybe the more concurrent title: 50 shades of grey…