Monthly Archives: August 2014

sunset over half dome

half domeand the beautiful waterfall. another grand view. it was an amazing trip, amazing places and amazing people i got the chance to travel with. the sun won’t go down on us!

weekly photo challenge: fray

fraysand running through my fingers, sand blowing through a bird’s feather. how brittle life can be. for me, for a bird.

weekly photo challenge: texture (a day in death valley)

my long time summer favorites, a pair of camel sandals, decided to give up and fall apart while i was out in the hot sun. it was 123 F (50,6 C) and as you can guess the sand was quite hot to walk back in with only one shoe. in the end i left them in the desert as a homage, it seemed fit death valley was the place they fell apart. say hello, wave goodbye.