Monthly Archives: June 2013

welcome to my world

martin l gorelast night i went to the depeche mode concert here in stockholm, and after 30 years in business they are still a fantastic live band. being restricted to my iphone the photo experience was limited, but this shot of martin l gore doing a stripped down version of home at least is acceptable. the concert was great, and this performance by martin sent shivers down my spine.

setlist: welcome to my world/angel/walking in my shoes/precious/black celebration/policy of truth/should be higher/barrel of a gun/the child inside/judas/heaven/soothe my soul/a pain i’m used to/ a question of time/secret to the end/enjoy the silence/personal jesus/goodbye

encore: home/halo/just can’t get enough/i feel you/never let me down

weekly photo challenge: the world through your eyes I

lost outside the tunneli like the idea of a line leading the eye towards something, and sometimes not disclosing the something, potentially having the environment give you a hint still leaving all doors open for your own interpretation. doors leading to other doors. lost outside the tunnel.

another one bites the dust

hornetthis week’s “sommarfoto” challenge was close-up, and when i found an european hornet in our living room my first weapon was my camera… after reading more about them (vespa crabro) on wikipedia i was less afraid than initially, it’s pretty big! but i now know why they are less aggressive and normally flee – they are ashamed over their dandruff 😉