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weekly photo challenge: foreign

coming from the cold north, a country on the arctic circle, a visit to sicily means stumbling across lot of  foreign (or exotic at times) food. nowadays we find most of the fruits and vegetables also at home, in finer food stores. but not all, and not as fresh or fine as here. and absolutely not still growing on their trees or plants. the taste of these fichi d’india is not foreign anymore – it’s really good!

the good, the bad, the ugly

in this case i guess darth has to cover both the 2 latter roles, which he does with excellence. i’m also sure blondie would be as a good companion to luke as han solo ever was, but indeed very different…

… and yes, this is a result of the “wide angle lens walk” around town.

a chain of flowers

in the parks here the flowers are still in bloom – and too lovely to avoid with the macro lens.


to get some variation we plan a walk with only a 24 mm lens, we’ll see how that goes…

a flower in the desert

the dried out remains of flowers on the slopes of etna.

there is always beauty to be found, if you look close enough…

the remix project

found this wonderful flower on a tree in the villa bellini park here in catania. looking at the shot in the mac i thought it could be cool with very little saturation, giving it a somewhat cold but old fashioned worn out pinkish look. so i did  2 remixes of the original in photoshop – and i find them all have their own qualities. and i do like the less saturation version.

walking on the moon

thanks to our fantastic hosts we got a marvellous day at etna, the still active volcano just north of catania. at almost 2000 m above sea level i walked the moon-like landscape in an undershirt only. on the other side of this crater was standing a solitary man making me think of astronauts, and the song by the police from back in the days.

giovanni e patricia – vi ringraziamo per una gita meravigliosa!