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weekly photo challenge: alphabet


the only four letters really needed.

weekly photo challenge: joy (of a sister)

joy of a sistersuddenly she became the older sister, and immediately took her new little baby sister to her heart. it’s 16 years ago now, but nothing’s changed.

theme: enjoyment of life (the scent of a woman)

scent of a womanthe weekly photo challenge “fotosöndag” is up again at flickr, and the first theme is enjoyment of life. and what can be more enjoyment than the scent of your partner, the chemistry we call love. a summer wedding, the they lived forever happily moment. indulgence at it’s best.

weekly photo challenge: thankful

i’ve learned over the years to be thankful for that loving hand, always there to support and reach out when i stumble or fall. i hope my children will also be able to picture this.

(in the background you can hear willie devaughn’s be thankful for what you got on the radio)