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the same deep water as you

same deep water as youhis eyes meet mine, what does he think as he prepares to go down? does he feel any fear, is it just another day at work? his eyes leaves me wondering; could i swim the same deep water as you?

to wish impossible things

wishlike finding the pot of gold at the rainbow’s end. but at least i found another reason for the name of the bridge…

geysir: hot hot hot!!!

the geysers of iceland explode boiling water in the air, and in some areas where there are several of them it looks like the ground is puffing smoke here and there. this is the largest geyser at the geysir location a bit northeast of reykjavik. just before it bursts out in an explosion of hot water it forms a bubble, and then it’s in the air.

at the edge of the world

at the edge of the worldthere is a guardian watching the border for trespassers. on the other side of the border control is another world, a different world. and what’s coming at the edge of the deep green sea, who knows? could there actually be an end, where we could tip over to nothingness? the world is flat…

17 seconds (from quiet storm)

whenever i’m in the US i normally tune in a quiet storm station while driving, somehow it’s a great fit with the american tuning of car suspension – soft, slow and like surfing long gentle waves. a european version of the same car will have very different suspension tuning – but this is a discussion outside this entry (going to fast over a bump in an american car will make any european sea sick…).

so here i was cruising down a north carolina highway, listening to the foxy radio quiet storm when i see a flooded area with tall grey, bare, trees in – and i immediately see the cover of the cure’s 17 seconds album – and that’s pretty far from quiet storm! stopped the car, jumped out and took a couple of pictures and to make the album cover vision i saw complete i also did one shot totally out of focus. do you think i came close?