Monthly Archives: September 2013

call me on the nightline

nightlinesthis sunday’s theme in the flickr group “fotosöndag” is lines. which became nightlines in my interpretation.


butterflythe last (?) butterfly this season passes by and rests for a while on a dried out flower. a single reminder of a fantastic summer. and i ask;

And do you like being single?
Do you want me back?
Do you want me back?
And do I like being single?
Am I coming back?
Am I coming back?

of course i am. if you want me.

weekly photo challenge: inside

fashionit’s the inside that counts, right? who needs fashion when you have style…

those of you who look will find which well known italian brand this model is posing for. caught this on via condotti in rome when i passed a fashion photo session, i assume for advertisements.