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weekly photo challenge: warmth

warmththe title could also have been parallel lines.

we have finally (?) real winter in stockholm with freezing temperature, beautiful sunny days and a fantastic warm light. very photographic, the light. just so few hours every day…

theme: contre-jour (backlighting)

contre-jourthis sunday’s theme in “fotosöndag” is contre-jour. i first did a shot with an old fashioned lamp post with the sun shining through the glass just where the bulb is, which was kind of cool, but then i wanted to do something to persuade spring to come here for real, so i did this “welcome sun” incantation. i hope it works!

rays of light

not too much of the sun this summer, i’ve complained earlier. taking statistics at university we learned that there are lies, really bad lies, and there is statistics – this time though the numbers add up with my impression. 6 days with temperature over 25c (80f for you outside the international standard system) compared to 28 last year during june and july. sigh.