Monthly Archives: August 2013

weekly photo challenge: sea (song)

sea songthe gentle background sound of waves breaking the shore is maybe the best sound of all. so peaceful, i would not be able to live long without it. sea, sing your sea song for me.

weekly photo challenge: focus (between a rock and a hard place)

a rock and a hard placefascinating how little is needed for flowers to grow. in what seems to be only rocks and stone there is just enough for these flowers to live and bloom, stuck between a rock and a hard place. easy enough to decide where to place focus 🙂

caspian tern

caspian ternthe caspian tern, formally known as sterna caspia, now hydroprogne caspia, is one of the most widely spread terns around the globe present on all continents less antarctica. however the european colony primarily based around the baltic sea is threatened and now classified as VU(lnerable).

Note: some of the north american caspian terns during winter move sometimes stays at the most northern part of south america, so even if not widely spread it resides also on this continent.