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don’t turn your back on mother earth


because her hands of time are strong, and they reach far.


cloudbustingnot sure if the mountain tries to break through, or if it’s the clouds invading – probably more the latter and it looks a bit like when the fellowship tried to pass mount caradhras. the snowstorm is building up…

spies in the wires

spies in the wiresinteresting to follow the aftermath of snowden and nsa. we now have young and what you thought well educated people publicly announcing their abandoning of facebook and other social media as a mean of communication with their friends. especially when they conclude that they will rather use mobile phone calls and text messaging instead….

better watch out for the spies in the wires!

going home

and your heart beats so slow
through the rain and fallen snow
across the fields of mourning
light’s in the distance

oh don’t sorrow, no don’t weep
for tonight, at last
i am coming home
i am coming home

(a sort of homecoming – u2)

weekly photo challenge: geometry

detail of the exterior at hotel hilton, giardini naxos, sicily. i must admit that the clean and simple, bauhaus inspired architecture based on the rectangle, the circle, and the triangle has a certain attractiveness to it.

butterfly caught

like caught butterflies circling inside their fence. pretty beautiful prison though.

theme: “lager”

this kind of small storages are to be found everywhere here in catania, i’ve been looking at them for a while through the lens without finally releasing the shutter. when the theme for “fotosöndag” this week was made official as being “lager”, which can be translated into both storage and layer (but not beer), my contribution was quite obvious…