Monthly Archives: November 2012


regrethome again – it’s freezing and snowing…. i want to go back immediately! 24 hours ago we had close to summer temperature, where even the gentle rain (the rare rain!) left traces of the ripening oranges.

arrivederci catania

red and blue are the colours of catania, so this autumn coloured branch from our balcony seemed a fitting last post from here. it’s hard to imagine a temperature drop to freezing by just a few hours flight, after 7 weeks here in the sun. brrrr…

weekly photo challenge: thankful

i’ve learned over the years to be thankful for that loving hand, always there to support and reach out when i stumble or fall. i hope my children will also be able to picture this.

(in the background you can hear willie devaughn’s be thankful for what you got on the radio)

going home

and your heart beats so slow
through the rain and fallen snow
across the fields of mourning
light’s in the distance

oh don’t sorrow, no don’t weep
for tonight, at last
i am coming home
i am coming home

(a sort of homecoming – u2)

and then i read a book

but first time to relax.

shots from the streets of catania, sicily.