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weekly photo challenge: renewal

in the automotive industry renewal of existing models, together with introduction of new models, is the key of life. and some brands are lucky to be able to create icons, which they can continue to develop, refine and renew. in my eyes the fiat 500 is a truly iconic car, superbly fit for the narrow streets of old italian cities. and since the original models it hasn’t grown enormously in size as many of it’s likes by other brands. it’s bigger now for sure, but still a very small and (imho) very stylish retro design nowadays. back then it was maybe a bit more simplistic in it’s design…

so here are a couple of shots from sicily today, shot during the last month, of both old and new fiat 500 models. i love the very rudimentary ip of the older models (pic 4), a speedometer is all you ever need! and a max of 130 kph isn’t that scary, is it? still today’s models (pic 8) have pretty clean ip with just the info you need, but now the max speed is shown as 220 kph. development goes fast!

the last 2 pictures are on the rather new “large” version of the 500. that’s model range extension more than renewal, still works on the theme i think.

which car i drive? i don’t own a car…

a room at the heartbreak hotel

there is something very sad about the abandoned pool area of a hotel during night time. lit to look tempting, all the sun chairs nicely in order – but empty and quiet. no swimming, no showing off for that good looking one on the other side of the pool, no sipping drinks. sigh.