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in its natural environment, mother nature did a good job with the camouflage.

solar eclipse

sequence shot in natahala national park, north carolina, on august 21 this year. awesome to experience!

weekly photo challenge: broken

brokeni’m old enough to remember backpacking in a world without cellphones and text messaging, when you had to get coins and then find a phone booth to call home and tell you are still safe and sound. who needs phone booths nowadays? i hope no one needs this one in an emergency situation.

weekly photo challenge: forces of nature

water, wind and nature’s constant partner in crime – time – has done a wonderful job at antelope canyon.

weekly photo challenge: afloat 3

from air to water, moving between the elements but still afloat. surfin’ at hollywood beach, los angeles. a week after i took these shots one of the surfers was attacked and injured by a white shark, luckily not fatal at least.

weekly photo challenge: afloat 1

afloata red tail hawk with prey (you can see the tail!) floating weightlessly in the californian sky. i would love to be able to fly. and i know how to; i read it in the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy – the trick is to miss the ground…