hum along if you’re happy here

hum1 hum2so i’m from the cold and dark north (well, the summers are never dark and actually can be nice and warm too). but we don’t have hummingbirds. so i haven’t seen any before, in real life. but now i have, and managed to capture one too. hum along if you’re happy too…

12 thoughts on “hum along if you’re happy here

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Christian! Very small, and very quick – and very aware of my presence. Mostly they hid on the other side of the feeder… Luckily I got a few snaps, glad you liked them.

  1. vera ersilia

    California hummers these ? they used to come to dip in and out of my water jets when I was in the garden. And what territorial fights they had, screeching …

  2. thephotoseye

    These are lovely and such a wonderful capture! They almost look as if they are floating in the air! 🙂


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