uptownat least as i have understood, usually you have downtown, maybe midtown and then uptown. charlotte, nc, where i spend most of this week only has uptown. strange, but looks pretty ok. tried google, couldn’t find out why. that’s also strange…

now i need some good old prince to funk my day.

5 thoughts on “uptown

  1. vera ersilia

    hmmm, you are right. These things are generally classified as ‘idiomatic’ meaning that is just the natural way people say certain things. This one in addition may have some local connotation. I bet that those who do no live inside Charlotte city do say ‘I am going downtown’ when they go there. Just a general way of saying ‘going into the city’ – if asked where in town, they may reply ‘uptown’ if it is the financial or business area. Midtown in reality simply indicates the physical place if a city is large… correct me anybody.
    When living in the SF Bay area I learned that San Francisco is NEVER called Frisco as the foreigners believe that the locals do, it is simply called The City. Going downtown, midtown, uptown, are not used because there are too many cities on the Bay to know what one means. First one has to specify which city is meant… San José larger and industrially richer than SF does not qualify as ‘the city’.
    BTW I did work in ‘downtown San Francisco’ but it was actually called ‘on Market’ or ‘down Market’ to indicate the few blocks of Market St. where everything is.
    End of stuffy disquisition….
    Ahh, yes, one more thing: Silicon Valley is NOT in San Francisco, but on the peninsula south of SF and includes several hightech locations. For some reasons the Italian and French TV do not seem to know this !

    1. martin Post author

      and actually I’ll be in the city soon, landing on june 17. we’ll actually stay in redwood but spend most of the time in the city. i guess. and visisting friends living in cupertino, which i believe is a part of the silicon valley. he works for that fruit company….
      ma sei adesso più nord, vero?

      1. vera ersilia

        … eh si’ adesso putroppo non son piu’ in California ma nell’Idaho – nel vero Far West, nell’altopiano desertico. In una vallata a sud ovest di nome Treasure Valley. Altro che il silicone…
        Mia figlia minore si e’ trasferita qui da Half Moon Bay, CA (sul mare dietro a Redwood City) e son venuta con loro. Alla mia eta’ e’ difficile star soli.
        Qui eran tutte campagne, coltivazioni della famosa patata dell’Idaho. Adesso si stanno industrializzando ma ancora la vita costa meno, c’e’ poco traffico, e io ho trovato dei medici fantastici. Mi manca molto la California. La bellezza, il mare, il clima, l’ambiente cosmopolita.
        Ma pensa che dalla vendita della loro casa a Half Moon Bay, han potuto prendersene una qui di 6000 piedi quadri, con studio-atelier separato, e su due acri di terreno. Cambia tu le misure a metri quadri… Gli inverni sono gelatissimi e le estati da deserto del Sahara.
        Vai a SF a vedere il recent museo di storia naturale di Renzo Piano ! E poco piu’ a nord c’e’ anche una cosa di Frank Lloyd Wright a Marin. Piano ha pure fatto a SF un museo mi pare d’arte moderna. Cupertino e’ il cuore di Silicon Valley. Have fun in all of those cities!

    1. martin Post author

      thanks D! and i actually had to go around all of town to find the spot for the shot… 😉


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