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my ship is coming in

styxor; no, rather not. not yet. but seeing this at a guided tour through the drach cave (caves of the dragon) of portocristo (mallorca) charon and river acheron (styx if you prefer) naturally and immediately came to mind…

for now i’ll settle with listening to walter jackson’s wonderful my ship is coming in. mine will too, but hopefully not for long.

and yes, the link is actually for coming home, i couldn’t link to my ship due to legal reasons. but welcome home feels about the same…

sea song

the crisp autumn air sending cold streaks down your back as the old ferry slowly takes you to your destination. you shrug and kneel to find some shelter from the cold wind, when turning you see the frame made by the opening for the mooring where you can see the other ferries pass by. and you realize it’s a nice view.