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enter sandman

enter sandmanexit light, enter night. never mind that noise i heard, it’s just the memories in my bed, in my closet, in my head.

be still, the echo of your silence over the water. the rushing of the water. exit light, enter night.


some orange and black

orange and blackthe sun setting over the power lines crossing the barren landscape. a silhouette that i realize has some resemblance with a photo i did in sicily, at one of the craters of the volcano etna. it’s here: walking on the moon.

weekly photo challenge: treasure

sailors sunsetthe sun setting over our sail boat, harbored in a nature shelter along other fellow sailors. a glass of wine, the stillness, the gentle sound of water caressing the hull. the boat slowly rocking you to a carefree sleep. that’s a true treasure.

tokyo twilight

sitting at an outdoor bar on the odaiba island, looking at the sun setting over tokyo across the bay. sometimes a gt tastes better than usual. 🙂

this is from the archives. i do want to go back, tokyo mon amour.