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it’s all hazy now

dotsi can’t see clearly, it’s all hazy now. and dark. not even sure there is any light, if it’s gonna be any lighter. it’s all darkness, i must have fallen down in a hollow. the walls are slippery, my sight is out of focus.

but i still have my vision, i will find a way out. in the end.


going home

and your heart beats so slow
through the rain and fallen snow
across the fields of mourning
light’s in the distance

oh don’t sorrow, no don’t weep
for tonight, at last
i am coming home
i am coming home

(a sort of homecoming – u2)

see the lights

walking the darkening blue autumn sky home, the lit up crossing lines the street lights turned out to be was a given object for the camera lens. which apparently is odd, since several people slowed their evening rush down to ask me what on earth i was doing. i guess they didn’t see the same street lights i did.