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wedding weekend

still happywe’re shooting a wedding this weekend, not these two though – they are already married. and still happy about it :). customers are customers, so it might be a bit quiet here the coming days.


theme: storage

storagethis weeks theme for “fotosöndag” is “förvaring”, which can be translated into storage and as we’ve been skiing this week storage of skis was a pretty obvious choice. shot with my phone, again – will not become a habit…

la settimana bianca

view from a hilltopthis year’s ski week has so far not been blessed with the same beautiful weather we had last year. passing over the alps north of milan last week i hoped to be a good preview of what would come, but not. at least i get to ski this year as well, and then i’m done with winter for a while – i’m more than ready for spring to come!

(taken through a dirty airplane window with my phone, hence the quality…)