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preparando la pescatora

il vecchio ed il maresilently, very determined, slowly but steadily he worked his way through the heap of shrimps. most probably for a risotto or spaghetti alla pescatora at one of the local restuarants. captured in aci trezza, sicily. and both the risotto and the spaghetti alla pescatora are to die for here.

art of love

there are some basic similarities between the two best kitchens this world offers (IMHO) – the italian and the japanese: fresh and high quality ingredients. keep it simple and let the natural flavors lead the way. the japanese score a bit higher on the presentation though, italians make cooking an art – the japanese also make it look like art!

(but sometimes the spelling can be tough….)

weekly photo challenge: delicate

delicatestrawberries are sensitive and needs to be handled with care to stay fresh, thus being delicate. and the very similar swedish word “delikat” means delicious – which is very true for strawbs!

(not the least if you get to eat fresh ones from marsala and noto mid november…)

keep the fire burning

keep the fire burningduring fall you find them along the streets, all over italy, roasting their chestnuts. a warm handful to keep the cold winds away. this lady kept the people in the streets of torino warm.

you’ll find a nice evening capture of roasting from sicily over at my wife’s blog, @ picture this.