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weekly photo challenge – details (in the groove)


my dual turntable is fitted with a grado gold cartridge, fitting my gold colored copy of stay gold, the 3rd album by the wonderful swedish sisters forming first aid kit. if you can catch them live in concert, don’t miss the opportunity. nothing beats the details of the vinyl groove, so get into it!

stockholm music & arts: friday highlights

cocorosie were a new experience, a very pleasant one. the two sisters, coco and rosie, will be heard more around the house after this.

second highlight was first aid kit, also two sisters (johanna and klara) making magic together. i have posted about them earlier, and i’ll happily do again. they rock, in some sense of the word.

i met up with the king

i met up with the kingi met up with the king
he confessed his body was burning
i met up with the king
his body had begun to rot
and he said don’t think less of me
i’m still the same man I used to be
(lyrics by klara & johanna söderberg)

if you still haven’t checked out the extremely talented sisters klara and johanna in first aid kit, then do it now! patti smith can’t be wrong, and they made her cry performing her dancing barefoot.

briny diamonds

their father played in one of my all time favorite bands back in the early 80’s – now i’m blown away by the enormous talent of the two sisters; johanna and klara in first aid kit. i’m not sure if it’s a good sign, that i haven’t stagnated, that i develop and change with time – or if it’s a sad fact that i now listen to the daughters of my teenage favorites. my choice is to see it the first way.

if you’ve missed them make sure to catch up, they are truly brilliant! there are quite a few great clips @ you tube. look them up, buy their records, come to their concerts! awesome.