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made in the dark

hot chip danced us into the thursday night of the way out west festival, in a cascade of stage lights. never really been able to dig the way i ought to listening to their studio material, here all pieces suddenly fit. which is a bit odd given their music, but i like surprises!

the man machine

kraftwerk august 11 2012, in 3D (which explains the slightly weird impression of the background) was a really cool experience. ralf hütter and team were back to the an updated version of the originals, without becoming too much of the techno scene they once heavily inspired. fantastic!

and a few days in advance – happy birthday ralf! turning 66 on monday, still inspiring new kids to get into (electronic) music. tanti auguri – in ogni senso!

around the world in a day

well, not quite. but going to a festival means a musical travel between very different sides of the coin. from the guitar treatment of thurston moore, the organ based very filmic gloom of anna von hausswollf to nostalgia britpop with blur, piano pop with frida hyvönen and just plain deportees-pop (that’s positive!).

more to come.