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stockholm music & arts: saturday highlights

maia hirasawa has spent a couple of years in japan so i haven’t seen her live since 2008, now slightly more rock added to her pop. a nice addition!

the danish group efterklang (reverberation) was another new acquaintance for me, and another nice new one. visually i got the feel of early roxy music, musically well maybe there too. worth checking out anyway.

stockholm music & arts: friday highlights

cocorosie were a new experience, a very pleasant one. the two sisters, coco and rosie, will be heard more around the house after this.

second highlight was first aid kit, also two sisters (johanna and klara) making magic together. i have posted about them earlier, and i’ll happily do again. they rock, in some sense of the word.

weekly photo challenge: foreshadow

foreshadowthis is foreshadow in two meanings – maia hirasawa making a soundcheck, a foreshadow of the actual gig she’ll play in a while. it’s also a foreshadow for the next coming posts on this blog – i went to the stockholm music and arts festival the past weekend and have bunch of concert photos i will post here. you’ll see more of maia, you’ll see cocorosie, efterklang, first aid kit and maybe something more. keep an eye open! “one, two , check. two, two, check.”

welcome to my world

martin l gorelast night i went to the depeche mode concert here in stockholm, and after 30 years in business they are still a fantastic live band. being restricted to my iphone the photo experience was limited, but this shot of martin l gore doing a stripped down version of home at least is acceptable. the concert was great, and this performance by martin sent shivers down my spine.

setlist: welcome to my world/angel/walking in my shoes/precious/black celebration/policy of truth/should be higher/barrel of a gun/the child inside/judas/heaven/soothe my soul/a pain i’m used to/ a question of time/secret to the end/enjoy the silence/personal jesus/goodbye

encore: home/halo/just can’t get enough/i feel you/never let me down

more ounce to the bounce

getting ready for a saturday night. pump up the beats with looptroop rockers!


kent played their final show for 2012 the other week, dedicating the devoted first row fans a bit of a special treat during the encore, pleasing all of us. even if their importance in my life has passed zenith, they did a great gig. and even if not fully evident, this blog is not a dedicated music blog. it has just happened i’ve ended up at a bunch of concerts. times are a changing…

made in the dark

hot chip danced us into the thursday night of the way out west festival, in a cascade of stage lights. never really been able to dig the way i ought to listening to their studio material, here all pieces suddenly fit. which is a bit odd given their music, but i like surprises!