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the same deep water as you

same deep water as youhis eyes meet mine, what does he think as he prepares to go down? does he feel any fear, is it just another day at work? his eyes leaves me wondering; could i swim the same deep water as you?

weekly photo challenge: dialogue


the world of words, sometimes you need to just let them sink in. like the snow of kilimanjaro.

weekly photo challenge: split-second story (looking for a cleaner future)

amperafor some years i was an integral part of gm’s european branch of hybrid vehicle development, officially representing hybrids for saab at the auto fairs in paris, london and detroit. seeing the plug-in hybrid opel ampera, which is the european version of the chevy volt, on the streets of stockholm makes me proud even this day. i was a (very) small part of an important piece of the environmental puzzle, to switch road transportation from fossil fuels to sustainable sources of energy. i was part of a split-second story, not bad! today my part is the one of the enlightened consumer, acting responsible in my small daily doings. or at least trying to…

and on the photo, i like the reflection of the people looking for something; looking for a cleaner future maybe. 😉

colours will come

colors will comehard to believe, but spring will come. i know for sure (that’s me trying to convince myself) that the cold morning frost will give away, the colours will come. the freeze outside is just a bad april’s fool game.

from the desert bloom to the setting sun
from the first deep breath of “I love you, baby”
colours will come

weekly photo challenge: inside caffè greco

café grecotime stands still. the winds of history gently sweeps around your hand as you lift that espresso from the bar counter to drink. isn’t it keats sitting there in corner? yes! and byron as well. i think i need another coffee to wake me up.

theme: message

messageyesterday’s theme in “fotosöndag” was message, my contribution was receivers of a message: music as a carrier of ideas, as expressed by kraftwerk. the shot is from the current exhibition “dance machines: from léger to kraftwerk” at stockholm modern art museum where a 3D film by kraftwerk is the major piece of art shown.