there’s magic in the sky

aurora borealisspending a weekend way up north, in abisko almost as far north you can come in sweden. we have -30 degrees C, that’s pretty cold i can tell if you haven’t tried it – and we have some magnificent skies to look at!

16 thoughts on “there’s magic in the sky

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Dina! It was really cold, but actually no special precautions other than some rest inside my camera bag while shooting a pinhole camera (exposure time 10 minutes…. – so some time to be in the bag), and then we did a break and went inside for 2 hours before going out one more time. Ah, and yes – several batteries needed 🙂

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks D! it was a stunning night!
      most important for these kind of pictures is – suffering 😉 a.k.a freezing, being patient and changing batteries quite often.
      technically, ISO 800, f/2.8 and 13 sec exposure time. everything manually set, i had prepared in daylight the setting for focus on eternity.

      1. thephotoseye

        I cannot imagine how cold it must have been! Your suffering paid off as it really is a stunning shot!

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks! The red was difficult to see but it came out in the frames, without any special editing.
      (I did truly see, not only capture, red aurora on Iceland November 2013, i think i have posted a picture from that occasion earlier)


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