weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

summer lovin'there are so many ways to describe summer love, the things make me go: i’m lovin’ it. one of the things closest connected to summer lovin’ are those moments with friends/family/lovers, sitting sipping on something nice (your choice) looking out on a beautiful view and talking, big things, small things.

but the big company who’s slogan i just stole is for sure not on that top of the pops list…

(i’ve posted a color version of this shot earlier, you’ll find it by clicking here. which do you prefer?)


10 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: summer lovin’

  1. Dina

    Hard to pick a favourite. B&W looks very crisp and clear. I suppose it’s a matter which mood you’re in. Which one is your favourite?

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Dina! I agree they both have their qualities and when I did the B&W I preferred that one, but now I feel a bit more summer in the color version…


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