weekly photo challenge: extra extra

extra extraour first day in san francisco was very comprehensive; we did twin peaks, fisherman’s wharf, the steep hills of lombard street, a bit of presidio and then marine drive and the foot of golden gate.  got this shot showing the bridge standing for it’s name, when a pelican flew in to the picture adding an extra twist.

19 thoughts on “weekly photo challenge: extra extra

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks Laura! Today totally different, all wrapped in clouds – I guess I was very lucky.

  1. vera ersilia

    Beautiful ! the golden gate name was give by the first Spanish explorers that navigated north from Mexico and saw the he narrow mouth, hills at the entrance of the great bay which in late Winter into Spring is covered in yellow poppies and in Summer in golden dry grass. The bridge, built in 1937, is painted red as you saw… It was the golden hills which gave the name to the mouth of the bay almost 300 years ago and by association to the bridge. Your photo certainly does justice to its name !

  2. vera ersilia

    hmm: correction to prior comment : …saw the the narrow mouth, the hills at the entrance of the great bay which in late Winter into Spring are covered with …

      1. vera ersilia

        … as you can see my finger lose track on the keyboard… for an emotional Italian that is a pretty clear sign…
        PS: did you go to see the house of Jack London? north near Glen Ellen? the “wolf house” and his studio where he wrote many of his stories? go if you have time – his simple grave is in the woods.

      2. martin Post author

        no Jack London so far, Golden Gate Park and today the Crissy Beach and hopefully a bit of Chinatown. we’ll see what else there we’ll be, we have two small ones to compromise with… 🙂

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