shine on you crazy diamondvacation has started, time to celebrate! we’ll be off to san fransisco later today and then i’ll be on a road trip for another 2 weeks, starting in LA. so i guess i’ll be a bit irregular here the coming weeks but i’m totally convinced afterwards i’ll have tons of pictures…

9 thoughts on “celebration

  1. kazg10

    I hope you start your celebration with a wine or champagne and as I always say start how you mean to finish! Enjoy your holiday and I look forward to your photographs in the coming weeks 🙂

    1. martin Post author

      Thanks! I’ll remember that, very good advice :)! A friend of ours used to say when packing for a trip you should put all the clothes and money you plan to bring on the bed, then take away half of the clothes and double the amount money – voilà, ready to go… (easier said than done, though)
      Looking forward to have you back for more photos!

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